RockErin Red River Ruckus***
14 Derby Points :  10 AFC Points
Qualified for Amateur National Field Trial 2008

PennHIP 38/.38       OFA Hips "Good" GR-8744924M-PI
OFA Elbows GR-987449G Cadiac GR-CA11687/39M/S-PI  CERF:  GR-30440N/207-50

FC/AFC Genhaven Htrs Mn Baronet FDHF OS ex FTCH GMHR  Cedarpond RoockErin Beabhin

  Red is 70 pounds, five years old and has a wonderful temperamant. He lives in the house with another male dog.  He is intelligent, stylish, has a lot of drive, is an excellent marker, loves to train has a fablous water attitude and entry.  He really just wants to please.  He has exellent line manners which people comment about.

I evaluated him structurally approximately 1 year ago and these were my comments at the time:

"Red is a nicely put together male.  He is 24 inches at the withers and weigts 70 pounds.  He has a lovely front assembly with well laid back shoulders and nice length of upper arm and legs well set under him.  He has good depth of body and nice rib spring.   Neck flows smoothly into withers and into a strng topline.  He has adequat angle in the rear quarters but I would like to see a bit less length in the rear pastern. He has a nice broad back skull.  At full attention his earset is higher than ideal, but he does have an appropriate ear length.  He has full dentition, but has a s;ight reverse scissors bite and a very small white patch on his forchest."