Yo Yo

Benden’s Top Flyte Yo Yo UD OD 

"Yo Yo" 

pedigree link <http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=9847>

Yo was the result of our first “obedience” focused breeding when I was asked by Dee Wright to breed a bitch to OTCH Meadowpond Stardust Reggie. I chose Jungold’s Orphan Annie, who was a beed bitch, but had an intense desire to please and didn’t like to be wrong. However, I had no intentions of keeping anything from this breeding. At the time, what seemed unfortunate, a top obedience home who had the pick bitch purchased had to back out due to an unexpected divorce. This puppy was “sold” 2 more times, however something happened to each home before they actually got the puppy. The longer I had this puppy the pickier I became about who could have her and this puppy became Benden’s Top Flyte Yo Yo UD OD.
Yo completed her CD with a 196.5 average with 2 first and 4 placements. 

Yo was a phenominal producer, producing 3 OTCH’s, 1 MACH, 7 UD’s with many other minor titles. Yo produced a softer but very willing workers who hated to be wrong. She did produce some sound sensitivity. Yo’s hip and eye production was fairly good, 1 with cataracts and 2 dysplastic puppies but she did produce a few monorchids. Out of 1 litter there was a puppy that was SAS clear at 2 years of age, but 3 months later was re-evalauated and was diagnosed with SAS. The explanation was a change in equipment. She had 2 puppies taken by cancer at under 5 years of age. Yo was diagnosed with cancer at 9 years of age. She was treated with chemo, but did not tolerate treatments well and treatments were discontinued. She was euthanized 10 months following diagnosis at 10.