Ch Amberac's Aristocrat CD WC OS
Ch. Goldcoast Here Comes The Sun CD OS ex Amberac's Sunburst Sunbrave OD

 pedigree link <http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=4300>

Ch Amberac’s Aristocrat CD WC OS "Risto" – pedigree link    <http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=4300

Risto is what I truly believe the standard is describing under general appearance. “ A symmetrical , powerful, active dog, sound and well put together.” Risto was a smaller dog standing approximately 23” at the withers. He had a very strong head, tabletop topline, and broad powerful rear. He was a bit short on leg. Even though he was a big bodied dog, he was not a big boned dog as many people believed.

He produced his exuberant personality. He was an excellent swimmer and would go to the pond every day and just swim as long as I would let him. He was a natural retriever and obtained his WC at the 1988 National at 10 years of age and without being forced trained – pure instinct.

He always stamped his rear and often his topline. He had strong production for good hips and eyes and excellent bite/dentition. He did not produce the dropped incissors. He would not add bone or much body and particularly when linebred on his Topbrass side. He did have some flea allergies and skin problems, which he produced along with producing some thyroid problems.

He produced over 14 breed champions and many performance titled get. He had 23 ½ show Dog Hall of Fame points, but he never got his last few points due to several circumstances and missed opportunities (like Karen deCordova and I driving half the night to a show to show under a judge that loved Risto and then our alarm clock not going off the next morning and our missing the show J. )

He produced his last litter at 12 years of age. He was still a puppy at heart until the near end. He became ill on Sept 15 and failed to respond to supportive therapy and was euthanized on September 18, 1993 at 15 years of age. No autopsy was performed but labs showed an apparent system failure of kidneys/heart. The picture used when I wrote the Breeders Forum for the GRNews was one of the last pictures taken of Risto.