Rizzo - The first thing to say about Rizzo is her head is stunning.  Everyone - breeders and pet people  alike who come up to her always comment on her head.  Great pigmentation. Very strong yet still feminine.  She has an acceptable front.  I would like a bit better layback.  She has a nice powerful rear and broad across the loin.  She has a bit of a drop off right behind the withers, (in relation to the slightly steep shoulder) but still a very strong topline.  She has a nice open side gait.

Her coat is very dense, and is a medium light gold.    I would like a bit more depth of body and maybe she will get as she matures a bit more.  

She has a good attitude in training, but has not had much at this point.  She is a strong swimmer and like to do play retrieve.  She is pictured on our home page and was 9 months of age at that time.