Champion Benden's Too Deep Two Find 
Finished with majors from breeder judges
DOB: 10-26-04  Female
Sire: Highmark He's Greeat (Pointed & Best in Sweeps)
Dam: Benden's Class of Noble Gas
PennHIP  .48/.48   
OFA hips GR91401G25F-PI; OFA elbows GR-EL14771F25-PI
Cardiac - GR-CA11747/20F/C-PI; Eyes -  CERF GR-32987 (06)

Nessie will be bred Spring/Summer 2009

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Nessie is a lovely bitch.  She has a beautiful front assembly, lovely rear and a strong topline.  She is clean coming and going and very balanced and coordinated from the side with an adequately ground covering gait.  She has an adequate head (it is nice by most standards, but pales in comparison to her 3/4 sister Rizzo, who has a stunning head), good bite and nice pigmentation.  She is a bit more of an elegant type, as apposed to the very cobby, short/broad dog.  In one season of showing she has 13 points and 4 major reserves.  Nessie will be bred as soon as she finishes her championship.  The 2 Dogs we have considered are Yogi, which would be a very nice line breeding on both the Highmark stuff and Strider, and have also seriously considered Crosby. 

Ch Benden's Two Deep Too Find