"Ch. Tryst"


Our newest champion, Tryst, goes back to Ch. Patches and Ch. Risto through Ch. Patton, his sire, on the top side and to Ch. Nessie and  Ch.Coach SH on his bottom side. This is a good combination of dogs with nice structure and good work aptitude. His pedigree  is available at K9data

Health Statistics

We are pleased with his health clearances.  Foremost he has an excellent PennHIP DI of 0.34 / 0.32, which puts him in top 85% for Golden Retrievers.  Tryst's full sister also has all her clearances and PennHIP at approximately 83% for GR.  He is OFA good hips, cardiac and elbows normal and eyes cleared June 2018

He is also "not affected" on  breed specific:  PRA-1, PRA-2, PRA-PRCD, Ichthyosis, degenerative myelopathy

OFA data base 

Paw Prints Genetics.

Physical Attributes

Tryst is ~72 pounds and is 23 1/4 inches at the shoulder.  He has a  lovely front assembly, which is one of my high priorities, nice neck into shoulders and strong top line, as apparent in his "wet look picture."  He has a lovely head, but I would like to see a bit darker eye. He has beautiful dark nose and eye rims and full dentition.   He has nice ear set and carriage.  He is clean going away.  Coming at you he has clean foot fall, but elbows are not as tight under as I would like; however, his sister has very nice tight elbows as did his full brother.   He has tight feet and moderate bone.  His coat is a rich golden color with proper furnishings.  I would like to see his coat a little more "wash and wear."

Competition Career

Tryst did a bit of showing as a young dog.  He won Best of Opp Sweeps at Wheatland Golden Retriever Club.  He had class wins at a few other specialties before growing up and our full, serous investment in his competition.  Tryst finished his championship with 3 majors on may 25th.  His first weekend out he won 2 majors on a Specialty Weekend.  He also won 2 other major reserves. 

Now that Tryst has become a conformation champion, he is excited to get back to field work, where his intelligence and retrieve drive can shine as much as his topline.

    Training and Personality

    He has a great retrieve drive and loves birds. I picked him over his brother, after a grueling decision-making process because he was more biddable and wanted to work more and be with people.  His brother had a touch more head.  I went for higher trainability over more head.  Tryst likes birds and is food motivated.  He likes to be right.  The more he is right the more he likes to work. When he is confused, he will shut down.  This is my cue to take a different approach. 

    As a Stud Dog

     He has passed all of his clearances and has the ideal structure and sweet, obedient, driven mentality we feel strongly about promoting. 

    As evident, I am very upfront.  No dogs are perfect and I think people deserve to know the good and the possible areas you might be concerned about doubling up on.  I am a strong believer in natural breedings.   I was managing stud dogs when we had no other options. I typically breed every 48 hours as long as she is standing.   This is often over a 6 day period.  There are bitches who didn't read the text book on what their numbers should be at certain times.

          We encourage contacting us before a breeding if considering using Tryst to make sure both he and I are available.  We do recommend always having a back-up plan for breedings; we are also willing to be the back up of another planned breeding.  Also, if you find yourself in a position and your bitch comes in early and you weren't expecting her so early, been there done that, contact us ASAP, and hopefully we can make it work.  Chilled and frozen is also available.  

    Upcoming Breedings

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    The "wet dog" look, fresh out of the pond

    Tryst at 3 years With a special thanks to Richard Cathcart for many of Tryst's pictures. Richardcathcart@mac.com