Preparing for your Puppy

Our goal is to select good homes for our puppies and to select a puppy that will fit into each family. We promote crate training, socialization, early training – beginning as soon as you take your new puppy home and training continues as he grows and develops. We have included "PUPPY POINTERS FROM BENDEN" on this site. Other recommended reading can be found at

Picking up your puppy - Puppies usually go to their new homes between 7-10 weeks of age. It is imperative for puppies to stay with their littermates until 7 weeks of age, however at 7 weeks puppies are ready to make new bonds with a new family. Allow 1-2 hours to pick up your new puppy. I go over my “Puppy Pointers and other training tips and information and answer questions. At that time the contract is signed and payment is due in full unless other arrangements have been made. I recommend bringing a small towel for me to put my scent on and the scent of littermates. This scented towel can be comforting to the puppy the first few nights in his new home.

Between 7 – 14 weeks of age is a time of development with a puppy you never get again. It is imperative that during this time puppies learn how to learn. The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” has some merit. If a puppy did not learn how to learn during this critical time (7-14 weeks) it will be more difficult to teach him in the future. However a puppy who has “learned how to learn” during this time will be able to learn new things throughout his life. Our puppies are usually very food motivated and can be taught many things with it’s dog kibble or a small dog biscuit. We use Iams puppy biscuits as they are nutritionally sound and break into smaller pieces easily. Using these treats we can teach a puppy to come, sit, down, kennel, and stand and all this can be taught before 14 weeks of age. We discuss this more thoroughly when the puppy goes home.

As a breeder it is my responsibility to make sure my puppies have a good life. I am here to answer your question for the life of your dog. I average about 2 calls per puppy in the first 2 weeks. But am glad to answer questions through out the life of your dog. It is a very rare occurrence, but if for any reason you find you can not keep your dog at any time I request it be returned to me. I am in a better situation to screen new homes and educate new owners to make sure he receives the home he deserves.