MACH Storm

MACH2 Wakemup Rain Dance CD MX MXJ
Ch Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound  OS ex  Ida Red's Wakemup Riverdance UD JH NAJ OD

OFA GR 82328G26M-PI:  OFA GR-EL9070M26-PI 
OFA-GR-CA62641/17M/C-PI CERF GR28780/2004-35

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Benden's "Storm" litter whelped May 2008
Storm ex Benden's School's Out Forever
Storm is 23.25 inches at the withers and weighs approximately 57 pounds.   He has a lovely front assembly with great angle, which I think is imperative for a performance dog, as it is their primary shock absorber when landing.  He has a well muscled back line, which serve as the drive shaft.  I would like to see more rear angle and his hocks more parallel.  He has a medium- medium/dark coat of correct texture with adequate feathering.

In talking with Lori she describes him as a very sweet dog and easy to live with.  He can run with intact males and puppies alike.  He is very willing to please and likes to be "right".  Storm does not need a heavy correction and would tend toward the softer side. If startled he recovers quickly. 

the bitch:  Alice
Alice is 22.5 inches at the withers and weights approimately 59 pounds at appropriate weight.  She has a beautiful balaned angle and is clean coming and going, which is imperative so legs are not interfering with each other when dogs are on the move.  Alice has a nice backskull and good muzzle/stop.  She has a dark eye, but her nose has faded as she has matured.  She carries good depth of body. fairly short loin  and adequate bone. 

She comes from a long line of performance producers starting from Annie, with the line running
Annie OD ->  Yo OD ->  Tweet OD -> Alice.  This is Alice's first litter.  I expect her to become an OD from this litter.  This line is known for it's willingness, tractability and perception.  (when I was having neck problems, in 2 days I temporarily ruined Tweet's fronts because she was trying to line up with my head/neck and was now sitting crooked.) This line does tend to be softer and can be worriers.  For this reason I have continud to pick stronger males to breed this line.   Alice was the pick bitch, both structurally and tempermentally. 

As a puppy Alice had a great retrieve drive, loved to play hard tug, and a great desire to work and be right and no signs of worry.  She has great focus and lovely moving attention.  Due to multiple circumstances her performance career was never pursued.  She has a full brother, Benden's  Wakemup For School CDX, owned by Beth Erickson, has 3 HIT's out of Novice, and is pointed in the breed ring with a BOB over Specials.  Alice's sister, Benden's Brilliant School Girl CDX, owned by Sheila Sliger,  won 9 first places from Novice A and no NQ's, the GRCA Novice A Lucy Wade trophy, and had three first places with her CDX.  She is currently polishing for utility.

the Litter -

We are very excited about this litter.  We have a great depth of health information including most of the line going back 4 generations of PennHIP information.  I feel very strongly about PennHIP and feel this information is a great tool to help breeders further evaluate hip structure. 

We are combining some of the top performance dogs, but keeping in mind sound structure.  So many performance lines ignore the importance of structure.  We believe a Golden Retriever should look and act like a Golden Retriever.  You do not have to sacrifice structure and looks to have a good performance dog. 

We expect this litter to have great focus, trainabiity and sound structure.  This will not be a "hard" litter and if you tend to be a heavy handed trainer, this is not the litter for you.  Even thugh we temperament test our puppies, and we do not put puppies with any sound/sight sensitive isues into performance homes, we strongly recommend good puppy sociaization.