Process of Breeding Selection

Our goal for each breeding is to improve the breed. When we decide to do a breeding many factors are taken into consideration including structure, trainability, temperament, retrieve drive, health issues and health clearances. Extensive information is available at concerning health issues and clearances. A good questionnaire is also available on this site to help you ask good questions of any breeders you are considering purchasing a puppy from. We strongly recommend you go to this site to become educated concerning the breed. Primarily, breeders should  have genetic information on the sire and dam before they are bred. The primary health clearances we are concerned about is hip dysplasia, which is evaluated by PennHIP and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), eye problems primarily involving cataracts which should be registered with CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation), elbow dysplasia, which is generally evaluated by OFA and Sub Aortic Stenosis, which is a heart problem, which is evaluated by a certified cardiologist, but can be registered on the OFA page. Beware! Many "puppy mills" have learned the catch words and lingo and have included them in web pages. Make sure you actually see copies of health clearances or better yet, go to and you can confirm health clearances yourself.

We must first honestly evaluate the bitch as to her strengths and weaknesses. We consider what positive traits she has to offer and what traits need to be improved upon. Our goal is to select a stud dog who will hopefully improve upon her weaknesses. Rarely is the best breeding with a stud dog located locally. More often than not the bitch is either shipped out of state to the stud dog, or a semen collection is shipped to us for artificial insemination.

All of our Veterinary needs are obtained from Danforth Animal Hospital, Edmond, OK 405.340.1020, including surgical and trans-cervical inseminations, PennHIP and OFA radiographs, ultra-sounds and all other services necessary. As Dr. Ron Laughlin has treated our dogs since 1982, he is very familiar with all aspects of the Golden Retriever. We strongly recommend anyone living in this area, who purchases a puppy from us use the services of Danforth Animal Hospital.

Litter Health

Benden puppies have dew claws removed at 1-2 days of age. If not removed dew claws can become unsightly and also become a health hazard in the field by getting caught on briars and causing injury. Fecal exams are performed 2-3 times between 4-7 weeks of age to identify any internal parasites. Puppies are usually wormed 2 times before 7 weeks and treated for any other internal parasites including coccidia and giardia if present. Puppies are vet checked at 6 ½ weeks of age and a vaccination given at that time. Occasionally, a puppy will have a negative fecal test for parasites at vet check, but will have a positive fecal for some internal parasite after the stress of going to a new home. This is usually a very mild case and treated easily.

Litter Socialization

Puppies are exposed to touch and spatial, and scent socialization at 3-21 days of age and from 21-42 days of age are exposed to multiple different types of play and exploring toys. Some of the various toys we use include an exploring box, toddler slide, tunnel, metal wobble board, various toys of different materials, various surfaces and multiple different scents. These are critical development periods and this systematic stimulation helps them to develop to be stable adults. Depending on weather, puppies start having brief periods outdoors around 4 weeks of age. Puppies are encouraged to learn "come" by being called to the food dish.   We do encourage “house training” by letting puppies out of their puppy pen onto the grass to take care of elimination. This is done in conjunction with meals. Puppies do have some supervised time to explore the back yard.

We encourage visitors to assist with puppy socialization.  Puppies who will be shipped begin crate training at 7 weeks of age so they will be familiar and comfortable with a crate before being shipped.