OTCH "Trey"

VCCH CT MACH OTCH Webshire's Three Point Shot UDX3 PCDX OM4 BN GN GO MXS MXJS is a triple champion: obedience, agility, and tracking. He completed his tracking championship at two and a half years of age. He went from agility novice to MACH in just 15 months. In obedience, he again showed this aptitude by finishing his UD in just four shows.

Trey is a sweet, sensitive, and eager-to-please dog with excellent bidability and a constant happiness that follows him into the ring. He has excellent attention, works for both food and toys, and requires minimal correction.

Trey goes back to our first golden, Frodo, and from him Benden's Power to Please is also in Trey's pedigree.

Trey has his hip, heart, eye, elbow, and thyroid clearances. Check out his clearances and the rest of his pedigree at K9data.

Trey is owned by Sue Oviatt Harris; of him she says that "I have been showing dogs in obedience, tracking, conformation, agility, and hunt work for over 40 years. In that time, I have never owned a dog as intelligent, biddable and happy as Trey. He truly is my once in a lifetime dog."